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The road is best measured not in kilometers, but in friends.

All year round we find the most interesting locations, extreme activities and events, gather a group of like-minded people and go wherever we want to return back again.

Pack your backpack
and join our team!


Now you can join us from any country, we will help you find best flights!

Surfing. SPAIN

  • September 10 - 17

Beginners and advanced surfing course

Practice and theory

Best safe spots

Experienced coaches

Comfortable accommodation with chill areas

Friendly atmosphere and amazing people

Tasty local cuisine

All local transfers and equipment included

Additional leisure and activities

Trekking. ALBANIA

  • September 22 - October 1

Safe and easy hikes

Hidden bays and not crowded paths

No heavy backpacks

Accommodations and local transports

Beautiful Albanian nature and sea views

Ancient architecture and Roman heritage

Best natural and cultural spots

Balkan traditional cuisine

City tours 

Kitesurfing. GREECE

  • October 1 - 8

Kite camp on a Greek Island of Limnos

Beginners and all levels course

Best safe spots with perfect wind conditions

Professional coaches and equipment

Perfect period for relaxing vacation

Comfortable accommodation with meals and transfers

Fantastic views and sunset beaches

Wonderful summer atmosphere

Addtional leisure program



There is definitely something that makes us different.


We have been successfully working since 2019. We are responsible for everything that we offer you, and for everyone who travels with us.


We find the most interesting spots for trainings, snowboarding and skiing, hiking and recreation. Even if you don't ride any board yet.


We are riders and understand how it will work better. Only experienced guides and instructors work with us and share their skills.


We offer activities and training for riders of different levels of riding, whether it's surfing, freeride, snowboarding, kiting - every rider will be able to get something new and level up.


We don't make our tourists too exhausted on the way. Almost all of our trips connected with convenient flights and transfers. More time and energy to ride and relax!


Not just tours, but your own club of interests and communication. Outside of tours, we organize various meetings and events to inspire and be inspired more.

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Selection of travel dates

Groups of 6 people (depending on the tour) can choose convenient travel dates (except for festivals and seasonal). Please contact us in advance so that we can offer a suitable option.

Gift certificate

We can pack our tour in a stylish certificate as a gift. It is so bright that you want to keep it as a memory of the travel.

Individual package

If you have special requirements for accommodation, food, traveling with children or for additional services (sports insurance, equipment rental etc.), contact us.

Group discount

For companies of friends from 4 people who travel together, there is a discount program! Contact us for more details.


  • Beginners

    For those who are looking for a group of friends to try something new and get the right start from experienced instructors. In our tours you can order training services with experienced instructors from scratch.

  • Experienced

    We will teach safe off-piste riding, tell a useful theory, share new skills, upgrade technique skills. You can also join a self-riding group if you have the necessary skills. We organize freeride camps, snowcating, heliski, guided backcountry and ski touring programs.

  • Active people

    For those who are tired of the standard vacation, want more activities, looking for interesting fellow travelers. new experiences and places all year round.

  • Friends and families

    A great opportunity to spend time actively with your family and friends. We will offer flexible conditions for accommodation, meals, trainings for everyone. We also teach children (age depends on kind of sport). For companies from 4/6 people we will offer discounts and individual travel packages when pre-ordering.

  • Corporate clients

    Your Dream Team travel in a cool atmosphere! No need to invent anything, a lot of activities and entertainment - in one trip. It is possible to book individual travel dates and add special services, including all transfers and basic charges.


  • Select tour

    Choose a tour by type of activity or travel dates (on the main page).

  • Book it

    Book a tour through the registration form, select the travel dates and tour package, and click "Submit". Or just contact us if you can't choose.

  • Wait for reply

    We will contact you, clarify the details of the trip and add to our group.

  • Make a payment

    You can make a payment through internet/mobile banking transfer or at the cash desk of any bank to our account.



Hello, my name is Alex.

Back in 2009, I gathered friends of 30-40 people, found transport and accommodation by myself, and together we went to the Ukrainian Carpathians to snowboard on the first snow that fell in October. Since then, I was always excited to organize anything related to extreme sports and travels.

In 2016, I launched the ALLRIDE snowboard community of Belarus which brought together active people and riders. For them I have been arranging various events: snowboarding competitions, film screenings, snowboarding flea markets and parties of various formats. Later, I started my own snowboarding school in Minsk for beginners.

In the summer our team develops a new kind of fun sport — skimboarding. We produced our own FUNERA boards, installed skimboard pools and other extreme sports areas at different festivals in Belarus, organized skimboard camps.

Few years ago I started to learn a lot how to live eco-friendly and sustainable and also launched an active eco project about plogging — Plogging Belarus

I am motivated by the fact that my friends and other guys pick up this wave of extreme sports and united with a common passion. And I decided to develop the project further. I decided to combine my experience and acquaintances with professional riders and guides in different countries with my interest in extreme sports and the organizer’s skills.

Allride Nomads is a community of traveling and extreme sports lovers. This is a company of open to communication and active people.

Our team takes full responsibility for their actions and ensures that you do not have to worry about anything on your trip.

Do not waste time, erase the boundaries and learn as much new and interesting things as possible!


Kate Chaklueva
Kate Chaklueva
Первый раз была в горах и очень рада, что это было с Организация - супер, компания - лучше и быть не может, план поездки - настолько насыщенный, что неделя пролетела незаметно. Очень приятное послевкусие осталось, жду с нетерпением следующих ивентов с Nomads!!!🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️
Ivan Michailenko
Ivan Michailenko
Давно катаю от Allride, были уже нескольких поездках: Фрирайд школа Драгобрат - классная гостиница/хостел, инструктор уделяет все время группе и помогает корректировать технику, отличное место для начинающих фрирайдеров. Переезды на поезде как отдельный вид романтики. Серф кем на юге Испании - встать за неделю на серф можно! Живописное место, хороший инструктор, незабываемые впечатления. Разве что утомительный перелет с несколькими пересадками и ночевкой в Барселоне. Фрирайд школа в Сванетии Грузия - максимально красивые горы, каждый ужин по количеству еды напоминал маленькую свадьбу. При хорошей погоде катать фрирайд можно прямо с трасс. Рекомендую!
Zhanna Borovenskaya
Zhanna Borovenskaya
Проект, который ни разу не разочаровал! Все трипы и кэмпы проходят бомбически круто и душевно!!! Всегда обеспечена хорошая компания и решение любых вопросов. Что ещё важно: всегда делается особый акцент на безопасности и экологичности отдыха.
Elena Kot
Elena Kot
Уже дважды ездила в поездки, организованные Allride: Драгобрат и Грузия. Для меня в их формате есть несколько неоспоримых плюсов. Это пока не поставлено "на поток", компании небольшие, душевная обстановка, организация почти под ключ исходя из интересов и пожеланий участников 😁. Организатор всегда на связи, все вопросы и проблемы разруливаются очень быстро. Тематика с уклоном во фрирайд, грамотный, по всем правилам безопасности, - наверное самое главное, что меня подкупило. Замечательные гиды, интересные выходы, даже в условиях малоснежной зимы клёвенько катнули 👌☺️
Алексей Фурса
Алексей Фурса
Хочется поблагодарить ребят за отличную организацию тура в Грузию. Все было отлично спланировано и на месте не было никаких проблем с решением вопросов. Успели и покататься и посетить местные музеи, заведения, и отлично провести время на вечерних посиделках. Крутая компания способствовала позитивному отдыху. Отдельное спасибо Юре за советы по экипировке и катанию, проведенные лекции, а так же за опыт бэккантри выхода. Обязательно приму участие в подобных кемпах в будущем и другим советую. Ребята молодцы!
Евгений Котов
Евгений Котов
Отличный отдых, душевная кампания, хорошее место, вкусная еда. Нашли где покататься даже при не совсем благоприятных погодных условиях и количестве снега. Спасибо!
Антон Ломако
Антон Ломако
Отлично организованный кэмп + фрирайд школа в Грузии (Сванети). Фрирайд гид Юра, указал на ошибки в техники катания на сноуборде, обучил основам лавиной безопасности и фрирайду. Обязательно поеду а ребятами ещё! Саше и Юре огоромное спасибо за новые впечатления и эмоции)
Viktoria Klebanovich
Viktoria Klebanovich
Замечательная организация зимнего отдыха в Грузии с фрирайд школой. Все продумано, много осталось приятных эмоций и впечатлений. Чудесный отпуск получился с веселой компанией. Спасибо Allride Nomads👍😀🏂